The Complete Guide About Garbage Chute

It’s easy to see why garbage chutes are very common to condominiums and large apartment buildings. Obviously, the new garbage disposal methods are remarkably practical for residents and workers who use them. Garbage chutes minimize your time and effort and maximize their ability to keep the place nice and clean. 

What Are Garbage Chutes?

The garbage chute is a large pipe used to move the garbage to the central collection point. Most garbage chutes include a rectangular or a square door that opens like an oven door or kitchen cabinet. 

The trash chute’s diameter ranges between 24 and 36 inches. Then, you can place the garbage inside the duct, where it falls into the basement or the lower floor of the building.

With that being said, let’s dive in and know the different types of garbage chutes, which is the best for your needs and how they work…

Different Types of Garbage Chute

Now, garbage ducts are mechanisms that combine trash from every floor of a building – or the floors you select – via a chute. This chute allows all waste to compile in a single location collectively. So, high quality garbage chutes are crucial to apartment buildings and make for a productive way to dispose of garbage.


  • Trash Chutes


First, we have the trash chutes, which are the most common type usually installed in residential buildings. The garbage chute is a drop of waste from a building to a primary garbage collection device or equipment on the first floor or even lower. 

You can only rely on a professional contractor to provide garbage chute services for proper installation in your building and your home.


  • Fire-rated


With all kinds of rubbish coming down from your garbage tank, there is always the risk that fire is triggered from this structure into your own home, apartment, or unit. 

Therefore, do not put your life in danger, ask your handyman to install a fire retardant garbage tank in your house, so that you can protect yourself from danger, injuries and, hopefully not, death.


  • Recycle Chutes


If the waste chute is a vertical channel for all types of waste, from the highest area to the lowest, then the recycling tank is explicitly manufactured for recyclable materials or waste. Also, this is not commonly used but is recommended for use in countries where large-scale waste reduction is required.


  • Insect-proof Chutes


We can also categorize garbage bins according to their parts and functions. The insect repellent bin stands out for its unique and better structure. The insect-proof rubbish chute structure includes extra safeguards, such as gaskets. 

As a result, the chute door is perfectly sealed so that insects will never enter the building or apartment.

We must remember that all kinds of dirt and impurities are present in this waste treatment structure, and we cannot let these bacteria enter our house. Along with these impurities are pests that can devour our houses. Therefore, this garbage chute is designed to avoid undesirable intruders in our homes.


  • Linen Chutes


Last but not least, the linen chute which is not that familiar in many countries around the world. But, it’s worth knowing that the linen chute resembles the garbage chute, except it’s used for laundry clothes, instead of garbage.

Best Garbage Chutes Systems & Accessories

We care to provide our valued customers with a variety of solutions to serve their needs. That’s why when it comes to choosing the best garbage chute for your place, we’re the best as we offer the following:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help you choose the best garbage chute for your building, company or home.

Importance of Garbage Disposal 

The garbage chute offers many benefits, including convenience, ease of use, and cleanliness. This makes them an essential part of the work in large buildings.

Safety and Health

After placing in the garbage tank, people working in the building no longer have any direct contact with the garbage can. This reduces the likelihood of attracting insects, rodents and other pests.

Non-Contact with Waste Disposal 

In many cases, garbage falls directly from the tube into the container on the lower floor of the building and is no longer touched by human hands.

Simple And Convenient. 

Garbage tanks make rubbish disposal so easy and convenient that buildings with garbage tanks usually do not encounter many garbage problems.

Garbage Chute Etiquette

  • You shouldn’t place Loose items in the garbage chute. Safely, put the items in a bag and tie it 
  • Don’t place large bags that do not easily pass through the door in a small groove. You should take them to the main garbage room in the building. 
  • It’s best never to leave the items in the chute room, either on the floor or inside the chute door. The things you put through the chute door must be able to slide through the opening so it falls to the bottom. 
  • Never place large objects such as Christmas trees or unbound corrugated boxes in small chutes. Eventually, large objects clog the duct and prevent trash from falling until someone removes the obstruction. 
  • Don’t throw cigarettes, cigars or flammable items in the trash chute system. 
  • Finally, you shouldn’t take out the rubbish at night and throw it through the chute between 10pm and 8am to avoid disturbing residents.

How Does A Garbage Chute Work?

Simply, each floor has a room section with accessible doors that allow building residents to throw away garbage without having to walk into the basement (or garbage collection room). 

The garbage or waste accumulates at the bottom of the chute, where one of the devices eventually breaks it into smaller pieces of waste. Then, the garbage blocks are removed and taken to the landfill. But, when garbage items accumulate, serious threatening health problems arise.

Needless to say, it stinks, too. Apparently, it is vital to keep the room on each floor clean and free of odor. The room should always have proper lightning. Also, the duct has always to be clean and maintained.

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