roof hatch

What is a roof hatch?

A roof hatch is a small leading door which gets you a fast,easy and smooth access to your roof-top garden.

a roof hatch has anadapted square door shapewhich looks perfectly like an integrated part of the overall building.It is inserted in a clever way which doesn’t harm your overall house appearance. It is carefully designed to serve as a secure, safe and strongly fixed opening which allows you to reach your roof-top.

Main role:
A roof hatch is an excellent option for you to access your roof-top in the shortest time using a very safe system which grants you ease and comfort. That’s the major role a roof hatch is made for.

Additional features:

-In addition to their major role:

  • Roof hatches are mainly designed to offer high protection against floods and natural disasters as an emergency door.
  • They represent a safety booster.
  • They replace old caged ladders which are external, permanent and very expensive.
  • An increased sense of flexibility.
  • They keep your house cool and warm with no heat loss.
  • They allow you to shift furniture in a short time.

What makes of a roof hatch a great choice?

There is a crucial feature which will support your choice of a cool roof hatch:

– In addition to all what have been said roof hatches are very Quick and easy to install!

Just like a skylight, a roof access hatch is incredibly quick and easy to install. The roof access hatch is delivered ready to install and fully assembled. So you will not need to make any parts together or assemble them. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a mounting flange that will make it easy for a user to fix it directly to the roof.

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