Roof Hatch | The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right One

Do you own a hospital, office building, or an industrial unit? Or Are you a hotel owner and want to set a relaxing spot on the roof so your guests will enjoy their stay even more? Here’s where Roof Hatch comes in. 

What is a Roof Hatch?

Simply, a roof access hatch gives you access to a flat roof. It’s like a door to your roof by opening the cover and gaining immediate access to the roof. 

Any roof hatch has two main parts:

  • The upstand (the part you install on the roof).
  • The cover (the part that closes the upstand).

Now, how can you benefit from a roof hatch? When should you consider installing one? What are roof access hatches types? Where can you find them?

That’s what we’re going to discuss today in a simple and easy-to-understand guide…

What is a Roof Hatch Used for?

In many cases, you can use roof passages, which can usually be divided into two categories: 

  • Non-residential buildings such as hospitals, offices, industrial units, etc. 
  • Residential building

Non-Residential Roof Hatches

Generally, you install it when you need to install or perform any maintenance or repair on the rooftop. Roof access can help when wanting to install air conditioning units, air treatment systems, etc.

Back in the days, a caged ladder was the only way to access the roof. Now, thanks to technology and smart solution, all you need is a roof hatch.

Residential Building Roof Hatches

The roof access door of a residential building has an entirely distinct purpose. Simply, it allows you to unwind on your roof terrace. Access to the roof of residential buildings, usually apartments, is easy after installing a roof hatch. 

They let sunlight into the room underneath, making the room more attractive and spacious. Moreover, the glass ceiling hallway offers extensive access and can be easily combined with fixed stairs.

Why Install A Roof Hatch?

Fortunately, the advantages of roofs access hatch are as follows:

  • You only need to bridge one floor. 
  • The climb to the roof is indoors, and you can use the existing staircase to reach the top floor of the building. 
  • Unique design that ensures that profiles and motors are not visible.
  • Easy to open thanks to the electrical controls
  • Optimum comfort, thanks to the high-quality materials.

Types of Roof Hatch

Of course, there are many types of roof access hatches. But which one is the perfect one for you?

  • Steel Roof Hatches

Firstly, the steel roof hatch that provides access to a roof from the interior of a building. Manufacturers design it using durable steel to withstand foot traffic and elements. 

  • Sturdy handles, 
  • weather gaskets, 
  • and antioxidant coating make steel roof hatches perfect for installation in outdoor constructions.

Definitely, you’ll find a combination between the ceiling hatches and the disappearing aluminum stairway. These stairs collapse to store it. They are customized for the space, and they occupy up to 13.5 feet.

  •  Aluminum Roof Hatches 

The best aluminum roof hatch in the industry is durable and weather resistant!  

Aluminum Roof Hatch offers advanced features such as a heavier handle assembly and duty lock. 

Also, it provides weather-resistant gasket, rust-resistant aluminum, and entirely concealed hinge hardware found on the inside making rust unlikely.

  • Recessed Roof Hatch 

They are both corrosion and rust-resistant roof hatches. Recessed roof access doors are one of the highly durable hatches that are convenient and safe to use. 

Simply, they provide secure access to the roof of your buildings. The heavy-duty insulation and design ensure a low level of maintenance for a very long time.

  • Fire rated access panels

Clearly, this type of roof hatch provides a secure and efficient service. There’re two types of fire-rated roof access doors: an insulated or non-insulated door. Basically, they contain the fire from penetrating through the door. 

Also, one person can efficiently operate it as it comes with a safe open and a grip handle to avoid any unexpected accidental closures.

The Size of The Roof Hatch

When choosing the proper size for your roof hatch, first, you should look at the construction and space of the roof available for the hatch.

Next, you need to consider what the hatch will be used to determine the right size.

For instance, you should decide if you need the hatch to take small or large objects on the roof, or maybe just for an emergency. 

Or perhaps you want to create a Roof Garden and want a more ornamental hatch (glazed or sliding).

Best Roof Access Doors for Business? 

Choosing the best roof access door is no problem with the support our technical support teams provide. These are the best designed products that most businesses need. However, if you have any special requirements for installing a convenient roof hatch, it’s no problem.

Personnel Roof Access

  • With ladder access, 
  • ship stair access 
  • and service ladder access

SunLit Roof Access

  • Translucent dome cover avail,
  • in clear, white & Natural day light

Security Roof Hatch

  • For application with heightened safe security, 
  • Dentition and mortise locks are available.

 Equipment Roof Hatch

  • Used when installing and removing large equipment through a Roof

Safety Roof Hatch

  • safety railing, 
  • posts & nets

Additional Options for Roof Access Doors

  • Energy efficient insulation, 
  • Custom finish, 
  • Specific colors, 
  • Pitch corrected curb, 
  • Different door position switch & lock options.

When it comes to choosing the best roof hatch, the process is pretty time-consuming and intimidating. 

Nevertheless, there are several important factors you should consider to make an informed decision.

How to Choose the Best Roof Access Hatch


  • Know the purpose of roof hatch:


First of all, you should know the reason why you want to install a roof hatch. Decide whether the access door is for business or residential purposes. 

If it is for residential use, then you should consider a small single cover model. On the other hand, when it comes to your business, it should be pretty more significant to access the equipment.


  • Determine the requirements you need for the roof hatch


Always choose a high-quality hatch that requires minimal replacements. We highly recommend the aluminum roof hatch in the industry because it is durable and weather-resistant! 

Finally, you can always get in touch with us to decide on which roof hatch you need. We’re always here to guarantee our valued customers get the best value and quality.