Smoke Vents

Kaisab Company Ltd., offers a complete line of smoke vents designed to meet all fire and life safety building codes. Roof top smoke vents automatically open to release heat, smoke, and noxious fumes in the event of a fire emergency, as required by International Building Code. (IBC 910 Heat & Smoke Vents, IBC 410 Stages & Platforms, IBC 3004 Hoistway Vents).

Products range includes :

  Smoke Escape (Metal Covers, Hoist-way Elevatore shaft & Single multi Doors)

  Sun Lit ( Translucent Covers for Natural Daylight)

  Acoustical (STC45 Rated Soundproofing)

  Safety Accessories (safety Railing Meet OSHA Fall Protection)

  Options (Burglar Bar,Spacial finishes,Custom Curb Hight,Added Insulation, Louvered Curb)

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