Garbage chute

Garbage chute technique is a highly sophisticated system that is used in residential buildings, hotels and apartments to facilitate garbage collection. It is set up in a way that allows all residents to throw their trash anytime they want by placing them into a small door.

How does it work?

Buildings which are equipped with this system have an integral vertical line which links all the floors together. The trash collected from each floor is supposed to drop through this vertical line until it reaches the bottom.

How is the process organized?

Every resident is supposed to throw his garbage through a little door which is found in a separate room found on each floor.

The garbage will drop then collected at the bottom.

Major types:

Standard garbage chute: this type is made for all types of garbage.

Segregation garbage chute: It can isolate dry garbage from wet one. This type is more sophisticated and provides a better organized service.

Benefits: a garbage chute plays an amazing role in the organization of trash collection. It also makes it easy for a resident to through his garbage without any time limitation. In addition to all that, a garbage chute has the following benefits:

-It is safe and secure.

-It helps organize garbage and separate wet from dry one.

-It saves time, effort and economises manpower use.

-It boosts environment cleanliness and fights pollution.

-It keeps the building clean and dirt-free.

-It prevents the spread of bad odors and waste generated from ordinary trash bags.

Special requirements

If a building has a special requirement regarding its shape, floor numbers, or height, a wide range of flexible solutions is available for customers. You can have an adapted shape of your building garbage chute designed to suit your own space and residents’ requirements.




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