access door

Every building has to be equipped with a set of tools and several integrated parts designed for specific purposes. One of the most important is an access door which allows you to create additional spaces and building arrangements. An access door is known by everybody as an entrance transition or a separation kit which can […]

Garbage chute

Garbage chute technique is a highly sophisticated system that is used in residential buildings, hotels and apartments to facilitate garbage collection. It is set up in a way that allows all residents to throw their trash anytime they want by placing them into a small door. How does it work? Buildings which are equipped with […]

roof hatch

What is a roof hatch? A roof hatch is a small leading door which gets you a fast,easy and smooth access to your roof-top garden. Design: a roof hatch has anadapted square door shapewhich looks perfectly like an integrated part of the overall building.It is inserted in a clever way which doesn’t harm your overall […]

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