Access Doors and Panels Guide | Everything You Should Know

Access Doors and Panels

Are you looking for an easy product to access the plumbing, electrical or mechanical parts of your house or your company or your workplace? Bet you heard  that Access Doors are the excellent solution for this problem! Well, it's TRUE! 

Access door systems give easy access to electrical, mechanical and plumbing fixtures hiding behind the wall. 

Whether you're looking for general purpose access doors, drywall access doors, fire rated access doors, exterior access doors, attic access door or adjustable access panel, they're all available at Kaisab with different sizes, colors and materials to suit your needs.

This guide will show you the difference between each type of these access doors to choose what you need. 

Also, you'll never have to worry because our well-trained technical team will help you make the best decision taking into consideration your needs and budget.

7 Differnet Uses Of Access Doors

First of all, why is it important to have access doors? How will it benefit you? 

Today, access doors make you access concealing plumbing, furnace areas and electrical equipment.

With the variety in applications of access doors come different uses and requirements. Let’s break down the different purposes of access doors.

1- Ceilings

To access the attics or ceilings of houses, you often need a ceiling access door that can blend well yet functional. You can choose between access panels or doors for the ceilings.

2- Ducts

The kitchen or laundry room ducts should always be clean and accessible for repair. That's why there are access doors installed to serve that purpose. The ideal option is a hinged duct access door. But, if the place is bigger, then a full duct panel is the best option for this.

3- Bathroom Plumbing

Obviously, every place needs to have access to bathroom plumbing to maintain and repair the pipes if anything goes wrong.  Having an access door panel is essential for tub plumbing, too. The aluminum access door will keep moisture out just fine.

4- Walls

Unlike other access doors, wall access doors can serve various purposes like cables, plumbing, crawl spaces, pipes, or storage spaces, and more.

5- Roofs

Accessing the roof has never been easier since we've had the roof hatch. A residential roof hatch can be used to access the roof where you can fix any problem up there or even get to a roof patio.

6- Floor Space & Storage

Whenever you need access to underground pipes, sewage systems, electrical or storage areas, floor access doors will help you accomplish that with ease. We provide them in different sizes, shapes and materials to suit your needs.

7- Home Studio or Theater

Finally, the least known use for access doors and that's for home studios or theatres. It's a smart and elegant solution to hide all the cables behind one door instead of having cables everywhere.

Types of Access Doors and Panels

  • General Purpose Access Doors

General Purpose Access constructions are designed for general and vital purposes, and most are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

They can be mounted on walls or ceilings, unless they are 24' x 24' or larger, they have embedded frames, hidden hinges and flush lock versions to prevent them from disrupting the surface on which they are installed. 

If you do not have to adapt to specific fire regulations or hide highly safe items, general purpose doors can be your best choice.

  • Drywall Access Doors

Of course, plasterboard doors (drywall) are usually installed during the initial construction. These doors usually consist of a perforated steel frame embedded with a flange of drywall beads. 

This design allows you to finish installing the plasterboard on the frame so that only the door panel is exposed.

  • Fire Rated Access Doors

Some access doors are mainly designed to follow fire safety regulations and meet high protection measures. It's an extreme risk to have any openings in the ceiling or the wall when there's a fire. It's always best to have an air-tight insulated metal door built to prevent drafts.

Also, fire resistant hatches must cover exhaust systems, gas lines, electrical wiring, HVAC elements, and other flammable materials and surfaces.

  • Attic Access Door

Attic access hatches play an important role in achieving a clean ceiling finish while providing secure access for electrical or insulation equipment replacements or repairs.

  • Plastic Access Doors

Our plastic panels are made of ABS or high impact styrene plastic. Removable styrene panels are perfect if you want to customize the look of the door, as it can blend and be painted to match the walls.

Best Access Doors For Business

With all that being said, it’s time to ask what are the best access door selection for business after all! 

Well, depending on a lot of factors the best option may vary and there are custom made access doors as well. But here are the 4 most popular and used products in business that you’ll consider….

​​​​Non- Rated Access Doors
  • Flesh, 

  • Stainless steel 

  • Recessed

​​​​​Security Access Doors 
  • Medium, 

  • High

  • Top

Speciality Access Doors 
  • Draft Stop, 

  • Exterior, 

  • Lightweight 

  • Plastic

Access Doors with Gypsum Board inlay

Learn More about products models, specifications, components and colors from here 

How to Install A Door Access Control System?

A typical process should be based on pre-evaluation and pre-planning methods including the following:

  • Unpack the necessary equipment, components and accessories from the access control system.
  • Installation of channels, pipes, cabinets, electronic and cable terminals.
  • Lay the cable, if you use wired technology, otherwise install the wireless router at the specified point.
  • Installation of door locks and door readers on each door.
  • Installing sensors at the planning point.
  • Install the master controller at the center point and connect it via cable or wireless 
  • Connect the power cord if the PoE system is not in use. 
  • Transfer the installation to the configuration engineer after testing the physical power supply.


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