access door

Every building has to be equipped with a set of tools and several integrated parts designed for specific purposes. One of the most important is an access door which allows you to create additional spaces and building arrangements. An access door is known by everybody as an entrance transition or a separation kit which can split the building into main parts.

Why an access door?

-it helps you arrange your equipment and hide them apart.

-creates more space and facilitates access.

-facilitates transition.

-Gets you an easy way to access your rooftop.

-Servessecurity purposes.

-Used to keep precious things away from easy reach.

-Creates additional spaces including attics, crawl spaces, basements, vaults, and storage spaces.

Access door types:
We have several types of access doors which can cover all of your daily needs and multiple spaces:

They are specifically made to make it easy to access storage spots, cables, and working tools which must be organized and stored in a hidden area or remote area.

Flush access doors:
this type of doors offers an additional safety and strength.

They are of two main parts: doors or panels. We generally use them to offer a direct easy access to crawl spaces and attics.

These are very adapted to a roof-top and designed to help you access it easily and smoothly. Roof doors are solid enough to resist weather conditions since they are directly linked to an open space. They also replace the external old ladders which were used for this purpose years ago.

Furthermore, this type may be a very practical access point for commercial buildings and a real security door which protects you against flood and natural disasters. It is advisable to use a solid roof-top door and a one which doesn’t rust for an ultimate result.


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