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waste management systems

Committed to help & improve clean and healthy environment

Kaisab Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of chute systems in the region

Committed to help & improve clean and healthy environment

Kaisab Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of chute systems in the region

High impact HDPE Chute is the right way to dispose your debris and keep your site clean

From ground to any height, we raise you safely…

Façade cleaning system leading supplier and solution provider

From ground to any height, we raise you safely…

Façade cleaning system leading supplier and solution provider

We provide optimum vertical transport solutions

We provide optimum vertical transport solutions.

Building everything you need…

Leading supplier of building finishing materials and access hatches

Building everything you need

Specialized in stainless steel, metal fabrication and reverse engineering products.


   Kaisab awarded new contract to supply roof hatch to local company in Saudi Arabia.   Kaisab steel fabrication area is upgraded to the lstest technology.   #KAISAB supplied garbage chute system to the new American consular compound in Jeddah

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Kaisab Company Limited’s is a market leader & key player in the construction sector in Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in the year 2000 as a privately owned company, we have worked along with the main contractors & consultants, to present to the construction market a wide range of high quality products, services, & engineering solutions .We specialize in the fields of manufacturing, supplying & subcontracting of different products such as; waste management systems, access systems, construction equipment’s, building products, finishing materials, & metal works..

Committed to help and improve clean and healthy environment
Raising you safely, from ground to any height
Building everything you need


Our Valuable Products

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Garbage Chute System

Local manufacturer of Garbage Chutes based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Kaisab • Facade Cleaning System icon

Facade Cleaning   System

Considered as one of leading building facade cleaning systems supplier.

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Kaisab • Construction Access Equipments icon

Construction Access Equipments

Safe, high quality suspended cradle systems that will suit any building.

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Kaisab • Construction Lifting & Handling icon

Construction Lifting & Handling

Provides a high quality tower cranes with different types(FlatTop,Topkit)

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Kaisab • Finishing Materials icon

Finishing Materials

High-quality Raised Flooring Systems for projects.

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Kaisab • Building Access Hatches icon

Building Access Hatches

Complete line of smoke vents designed to all fire.

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Stainless Steel & Metal Fabrication

Specialized in Stainless Steel & Metal Fabrications.

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complete package of services in our products.

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